Philly Fest 2012

Philly Fest 2012

Philly Fest 2012, the 30th annual Philadelphia Juggling Festival.

Today, Just Plain Silly’s headed to Philly Fest 2012, the 30th annual Philadelphia Juggling Festival! There will be plenty of open juggling and other free events both today and tomorrow at the Friends Select School, 17th St. & Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Plus, there’s a great performance tonight at 7:30 p.m. Hope to see you there!

Photos from Free Comic Book Day

I had an amazing time at Stormwatch Comics for Free Comic Book Day! Many super hero balloons were twisted and Poison Ivy digged the juggling. ‘Cause that’s how I roll. Juggling with Bat Villians….

Welcome to the new!

You’ve found your way to! Maybe you’ve used that Google thing everyone’s talking about. Perhaps a friend or family member has raved about the slightly overweight Sicilian who made a lot of balloony stuff at a party. Or, through some horrible twist of fate, you’ve stumbled across my page through sheer, dumb luck. Regardless of how you’ve wound up here, I’m glad you’ve stopped by!

This is just the start to my page, which highlights the cool balloon and juggling stuff I do. It’s great for parties, street fairs, fundraisers and whatever else you can think of!

Stay tuned!